Bridle Fitting

When it comes to bridle fitting, our philosophy is to provide comfort for the poll and freedom for the ears. We strive to create excellent, well-fitting bridles, and have created a guide to help you get the right sizes and fit.

Here are some examples of well fitting bridles:

dressage collections bridle fitting 

Here we have an HP3 crown with freedom of the ears, a properly fitted broadband.

dressage collections bridle fitting example

Here we have an HP4 crown (intended for a horse with a wider poll, wider jaw, or thicker neck, allowing for sufficient space for the first vertebrae of the neck) which also shows freedom of the ears.

dressage collections bridle fitting jaw

From a different angle, here you can see that the ears have room to move, and that there is comfort for the TMJ

dressage collections perfect bridle fit

Here we have a gold and white browband with a S1 noseband, a properly fitted and with comfort for the TMJ.

dressage collections perfect bridle fit profile view

Moving to a profile view, here we see an anatomically correct bridle with a beautiful, classical look. No straps hang off - it's a fantastic bridle.

properly fitted bridle and browband

Our chestnut here sports an S2 drop noseband and a bridle that's a perfect fit and has proper positioning on the horse's head.

dressage collections bridle fit cheek bones

Here we can see that the copper and white snaffle browband with S3 noseband and the cheek pieces sit on the outside of the cheek bones and the noseband sits under the cheek bones.

perfect halter fit

Finally, here we have an anatomic halter with pieces to fit the size of the horse's head. This beauty is sporting a halter with an HP3-style crown and a S3-style noseband.

Ready to measure your horse for your new Bridle2Fit bridle? We suggest heading to your barn with a soft tape measure and collecting the following measurements.

Download our order form to take with you to the barn.


Noseband back strap size = (circumference of nose - B (for Regular nosebands or A (for Drop nosebands))

The remaining distance calculated using this formula should be within a range of the options listed in the table below. Select the noseband back strap within the appropriate range from the table.

Bridle2Fit noseband back strap sizing chart

Bridle2Fit Bridle 2 Fit Custom Bridle Measuring Guidance


Please note that bridles ordered to fit may be subject to a delay of up to six weeks if the parts are not in stock. Shipments may come from the Netherlands if this is the case. We strive to maintain as much in-stock as possible to provide a great bridle ordering service, and on occasion, parts may take longer than usual if we have to order them from the Netherlands.