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Our Experience

Ginny and Lisa started Dressage Collections in 2016 and have been selling Bridle2Fit since the beginning. They have personally fitted more than 350 horses for new bridles in the first 3 years of business. Our customers range from amateurs to Olympic competitors. We are centrally based in Indiana, frequent Wellington, and have spent an entire season in Florida in order to support our customers.

Ginny and Lisa are both Pharmaceutical industry professionals deeply rooted in scientific data, quality, regulatory compliance, and research and development. As long-time members of USDF and USEF, they strive to bring their professional world experience and passion for horses and dressage together to form this product based equine business. This includes carrying and recommending US and FEI approved products. Both have Biology degrees and research products with meaningful data and associated beneficial outcomes. Our philosophy is to provide what we consider as the best products based on performance and value, rather than variety or price point. The mission is to help serious dressage riders sort through the marketing noise and find products with solid recommendations based on actual facts that can support high-performance horses. We are believers in Bridle2Fit as the concepts were developed by an equine dentist who focuses on comfort and the anatomy of the horse with a classic look and opportunity for an uncompromising perfect fit. We guarantee your satisfaction for the life of your bridle.

Dressage Collections has several product ambassadors, including Lisa Wilcox, Jim Armstrong, Angela Jackson, and Andrea Bresee, all of whom use our products and have provided opinions on the selections of products we offer. Ginny owns a private training facility, and Lisa manages the facility and teaches. Ginny and Lisa also host monthly dressage clinics and have had top clinicians like Lisa Wilcox, Herwig Radnetter, Jim Armstrong, Ruth Sarkunas, Angela Jackson, and Andrea Bresee since the facility opened doors in 2012. Ginny and Lisa have been riding their entire lives and have focused on dressage for over 60 years combined. They personally use the products offered and understand you consider your horses athletes and want to treat them accordingly. Please accept Ginny and Lisa’s personal invitations to call and discuss your bridle, bit, and girth questions and issues for a personal and free consultation. They also will schedule group sessions for bridle, bit, and girth fittings.

Our Endorsements


Dressage Collections endorsement from Lisa Wilcox and her horse Honeymoon

Photo credit: Sara Hellner

We're delighted to be endorsed and supported by Olympic Medalist Lisa Wilcox riding Honeymoon who can be seen in the picture above sporting the S3 Weymouth noseband with the HP3 crown. Honeymoon's owner is Gina Bornino Miller from Templeton Farms.

dressage collections endorsement from andrea bresee

Photo credit: CaryAndrew Penny

Sponsored rider Andrea Bresee from Canada on Diaz from Foxfire Equestrian who's looking handsome in his double bridle.

dressage collections endorsement from Angela Jackson

Photo credit: Shirley McQuillen

Exemplary coach, trainer, and competitor Angela Jackson with Figaro who sports a composed Bridle2Fit Weymouth bridle.